Tenant Address Portal for Water Billing in England & Wales

Welcome to the Landlord and Tenant Address Portal – Landlord TAP.

Landlord TAP is an easy to use website that allows Landlords and Managing Agents, of residential properties in England & Wales, to provide water companies with details of those responsible for the payment of water and/or sewerage charges for their tenanted properties.

Instead of needing to pick up the phone, or write to your water company, once you are registered, you may use the forms on this web site to provide the required information. This information is then passed to the relevant water company automatically, and you will receive a unique transaction receipt reference for your records.

This web site allows you to:

  • Add new properties to your portfolio;
  • Tell us about changes to tenant details, including changes of tenancy;
  • Let us know when a property becomes empty; and
  • Inform us if you sell or stop managing the property.

To start using Landlord TAP please register by clicking on the button below. If you have already registered please login to access your portfolio.

Privacy - Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the Landlord Portal, and why has it Been Set Up?
2. How Will the Landlord Portal Work?
3. Who Runs the Landlord Portal?
4. What are the Changes Brought in by the Landlord Portal?
5. What Information About Tenants Will Landlords Collect?
6. What Security and Other Protections will be in Place to Protect Tenant Information?
7. Where is the Landlord Portal Kept?
8. How long is Tenant Information Kept on the Landlord Portal?
9. How Can I Find Out What Information is Held About me on the Landlord Portal?
10. How can I Correct or Remove Information About me on the Landlord Portal?